The Key to My Undoing

Hello, there! Today we’re going to take a break from the “housey” stuff in exchange for another facet of my life… my job! I am the Youth Director at our church and I love what I do. For those of you unfamiliar with this line of work, my job is to teach middle and high school students about Jesus and walk with them as they react to and interact with the love that He as for them (and all of us!). We do this through weekly youth group meetings, small group Bible studies, monthly service projects, special events, and trips. Most importantly- I just spend time with them!

This is all well and good, but I have realized something: I have a HUGE flaw. Well, more than one, but this post is all about something that I am the absolute WORST at. My hope is that some fellow youth worker can come alongside me and say, “I do that too!” and I won’t have to be alone in this- maybe we can even work through it together.

Here it is:

i always lose my keys

I kid you not- this happens to me every. single. week. Without fail. You can ask my husband and the students- especially the one we give a ride home to after youth group (we’ll call him Joe). The night generally goes something like this: students come, we have a good time, they leave, and Mitch, Joe, and I are searching the church for another 15 minutes, looking for my keys.

So far, we have found them:

  • In the couches
  • Under the couches
  • In the basement
  • Inside other people’s shoes
  • In the kitchen
  • In my bag (after looking for 20 minutes)
  • Hanging from a lock on a door
  • In the church office
  • In the box of blindfolds

And, my personal favorite (and most recent add-on to the list): In a fellow youth team member’s coat pocket. I wish that I was making that up. A week ago, we left the church without finding them because I assumed I had left them in Mitch’s car. Got to the car and were half way home before I realized… no keys. Not but 5 minutes later did Ashley (youth team member) call me, saying that she had found them in her coat pocket. The sad part? I distinctly remember putting them there. And no, I do not know why.

The most troubling thing about all of this is that I am now acutely aware of the problem and it STILL happens every week! The only fix I’ve found so far is giving them to Joe to hold for the night. Pathetic, I know.

Anyone else have that one thing that they are constantly losing?? WHAT ARE YOUR TRICKS?! I need your help.


7 thoughts on “The Key to My Undoing

  1. You have too many really important things to do to worry about keys during youth group activities! I’m not sure why you think giving them to Joe is pathetic because in business it would be called “delegating authority” and that’s good for both of you. Alternately, you could get a combination key safe and lock them up for the time you are focusing ALL your attention on kids!

    • I LOVE that you gave it an official name! “Delegating authority” sounds so much nicer than my “last ditch effort”. Thanks for the alternate idea! Definitely would have to be a combo lock because at the rate we’re going… there’s no chance I’ll be able to keep track of a key! 🙂

  2. I completely agree with Nancy. Also, you are showing them the beauty of consistency, and a way to laugh at yourself! I wish that I could say that I cannot relate, but I have lost my keys, okay my keys and my glasses (yes, I even replaced my glasses when I put them in a safe place in my filing cabinet at work!), many, many times.
    I found the best thing to do is to have a set place in my office and at home where they go – a small dish or a hook or something right inside the door. The FIRST thing to do is to put them there. Ask Mitch and Joe and anyone else to remind you to do it and not let you do anything else until it is done. It takes a couple of weeks of really being conscious, but it does help. Until, you get out of practice that is. 🙂

    • This is great! We have a dish right as you walk inside the house and it has definitely helped things on the home front. Maybe I will have to implement a similar technique at church…

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