Face Lift

Super quick and easy project today!

We’re taking an old, “ugly is a strong term” vase:

new house 129

And turning it into something beautiful, with a touch of character:

vase 002

I found this vase at the Goodwill and liked the theory of it, but not so much the colors, etc. I decided to throw it in the cart, just in case I could find a use for it someday. It may have cost a dollar or so, but after a little creative thinking and a simple “face lift”, I think it ended up being well worth the money!

Fortunately, the “how to” of the project is probably the easiest to date. In fact, I think there’s only one step to getting the look…

vase 001

Step 1 and only: Spray Paint it. I wish there was some big secret, but really, that’s all it is! In terms of the paint, just give it a few coats (I did not sand it first and it seemed to be fine. Depending on your item, you may want to give it a quick once over with some sand paper to help the paint stick.) With spray paint, “less weight, more reps” is the way to go- thin coats to avoid dripping and at least two or three of them to make sure it’s all covered in whatever color you are using. Also, you are not going to want to do this in colder weather (read the can for recommended temperatures)- the cold air will cause the paint to bubble and not dry smoothly.

Note: I did not spend too much time worrying about the inside, as it will never be seen while on display. The top is a bit drippy because I was getting impatient, but really, who cares? Not I.

vase 003

Another Note: This vase happened to have a raised pattern already on it. If your project of choice does not have a texture like this and you want one, you can try a DIY raised pattern on your own! Try this:

  • Grab a hot glue gun
  • Glue on whichever designs/patterns you want to your piece
  • Let dry
  • Spray paint!

vase 004

You may even be able to do this with Elmer’s Glue, but I’m thinking that a hot glue gun will be less runny. However, Elmer’s Glue may be easier to control, while designing. If you try it, leave a comment on the post so others can see what worked and what didn’t!

Lesson Learned: Just because something doesn’t look desirable at first, doesn’t mean that it has no potential. When shopping around, keep an open mind because you just might find a similar “trash to treasure” situation like we have here!

ten things 004

valentine's day 171

Ever transformed something with spray paint? Do tell (leave a comment) the story!

Happy Shopping Scavenging!


Update: Looking for more spray painting adventures? Check out a similar post here.

9 thoughts on “Face Lift

    • Thanks for hangin out with us! I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself 🙂 PS. Everyone has a bit of creativity in them- I’m sure you’re more of a visionary than you’re giving yourself credit for!

  1. When we bought our current home, it had new light fixtures which were not my taste. I hated to buy new when they worked well and I liked the style so I built a spray booth and painted them all. Ugly brown to cheery silver in no time and saved hundreds of dollars. I’ll message you a photo just for fun. Thanks for your blog, love it almost as much as I love YOU!

    • I love them! Also, the fact that you made a spray booth is awesome. And brilliant. Thanks for sending me the pictures- they were great! Glad you’re enjoying the blog… love you too!

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