Party Favors!!!

Hey Everyone!

As a “happy one month” to the blog, we’re throwing a party… complete with a giveaway! Above all, this is a THANK YOU for putting up with me for a month. Thanks for checking in on the blog and especially choosing to “Follow the Fun”!

In order to say thank you to our “frequent fliers”, we are offering a prize that anyone can use. Youth Pastors, teachers, DIY lovers, college students, high school students, anyone. Nothing too huge, but you can use it to get yourself something special. 🙂


The best part about this? There will be THREE WINNERS! That’s right- three people getting Starbucks gift cards delivered to their doorstep… well, mailbox.

How to Enter: Join the “Oh, the Fun of It” family by becoming a member of our email list. To do so, follow these simple instructions:

1. If you already have a WordPress Account: Click on “Follow” at the top right corner of your screen and type in the username/password for your WordPress account. You’re all set!

2. If you do NOT have a WordPress Account and still want to Enter: Click on the black “Follow” button at the bottom right corner of your screen. Enter your email. An email will then be sent to that address and you will have to “Confirm”. That’s it- you’re in!

Please note: By doing this, you are officially “following the fun”. All this means is that you will receive an email every time a new post is published on the blog. I will NOT spam you. We are totally anti-spam here. You will just be kept in the loop of all things “fun”! 

For those of you already officially “following” the blog (aka. a member of our email list), you are automatically entered to win.

Prize: Three winners, each receiving one $5 gift card to Starbucks. Prize drawing will be completely random and computer calculated.  *Limit of one prize per participant.

Entry Deadline: Contest is open from Friday, March 14th @ 9:00am until Thursday, March 20th @ 12:00am. The grand prize winners will be announced NEXT FRIDAY (March 21st) on the blog!

If I’ve never said it before, THANK YOU for giving me a chance! “Leslie hits the blog world” has been an exciting adventure so far and I am blessed that you have taken the time to come along for the ride.

You’re the best.


PS. Here for the first time? Check out some of the highlights for the month: A Cozy Kitchen, our crazy fireplace adventures, my issues in Youth Ministry, and Futon Fun! Enjoy!

PPS. (I’ll admit- I definitely had to Google to see if it was “PPS” or “PSS”) Coming your way next week… Mantel of the Month: March edition! Here’s a teaser of the mean green mantel machine:

start of march mantel

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