Mantel of the Month: March Edition

Well, I blinked, and March is half over! So, in the spirit of things (Happy St. Patty’s Day by the way!), we decided it was time to part with our winter mantel display and usher in the spring season…

Now, before we go crazy with the “bunnies and flowers and bees, oh my!” decor, I wanted to do something subtle that could slowly transition us to the warmer weather decorations. My goal with this mantel was to stick with the greens (as we are now starting to see grass outside again!) and work in a bit of Irish flair, if possible. Needless to say, I wasn’t buying a whole lot of this for the display:

st. patricks day

Instead, think: A classy St. Patrick’s Day.

DIY March Mantel

That’s what we’re going for- hopefully it translates. Right then, let’s get into the how-to!

Step 1: Find your base fabric. I wanted something green, but not overwhelming and not extremely dark. This “fabric” actually came from a sheet set! I folded the flat sheet in half (width wise) three times to get the “runner look”. Mitch helped lift the TV (that sucker is heavier than it appears to be!), while I slipped it underneath and made adjustments to get it centered.

start of march mantelmarch mantel 022

Tip: For cheap fabric for projects, check out your local second hand store in the bedding department. Depending on your project, you may be able to find a pattern and use pieces of sheets and pillowcases instead of paying big bucks at fabric stores. Follow-Up Tip: Be picky in your selection and wash first.

Step #2: Grab a few frames. In an effort to bring out some more of those green tones, I selected a few olive-y green 8×10″ frames for each side of the TV.

march mantel 024

In terms of filling the frames, I wanted to stick with something subtle and stay away from bolder prints and photographs. One of the greatest things that has happened to the frames in our house is… scrapbook paper. It’s easy, changeable, and is a quick fix to fill a frame, while you wait on getting the perfect photo printed or item matted. For this project, I used some earth-toned, travel/antique themed paper that came from Michael’s… and you can find this type of paper at any craft store.

march mantel 025march mantel 026

One of the things I like to do when filling frames with scrapbook paper is to fold the paper, instead of cutting it… for some reason, it makes me feel like I could use it over again sometime down the line. Honestly, I don’t know if it even makes a difference…

march mantel 026march mantel 027 

I went with a horizontal print of a series of different (muted) color stamps and a vertical print of… the Eiffel Tower! I know, I know, France is not Ireland, but… alas, you can’t win ’em all.

march mantel 028

march mantel 029

Step #3: Hunt for the gold. Here comes the “under the radar” St. Patrick’s day decor… I did a quick search of the house for some green and gold items that could add some interest to the display and ended up with a simple, but fun collection. 

march mantel 030I’m using the dark green of the flower stems and pillar candle to bring some more dimension against the lighter green of the fabric. The crystal candlestick holder adds a bit of bling to the group, and the gold candle “dish” (I don’t know if that’s the right term for it…) and candle stick are meant to mimic the ‘ole pot-of-gold. The flowers will act as our “reminder” that we’re also celebrating the coming of spring, not just leprechauns!

mantel 575mantel 578

mantel 581mantel 580

Again, being balanced, but not completely symmetrical is the name of the game, here.

mantel 584

A close-up of that green color… I might even keep this around for the April set-up!

mantel 587

mantel 585

Please excuse the glare on the TV… I don’t speak camera.

mantel 583

So there you have it- a tribute to upcoming spring season and the Irish. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Before we head out for the day, let me just get one thing clear- this is not a quick and easy, “no mess” process. Here’s your backstage pass to the “behind the scenes”… what is actually going on in our family room on Mantel Day:

march mantel 023

Yep, this is real life, folks! 🙂

Have a great day!


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