And the Winners Are…

Today’s the day! Starbucks gift cards for all! Well, for three. 🙂


Thanks to all who entered- glad to have you as part of the “Oh, the Fun” family! If you are interested in following the fun around here, it’s as easy as pie.

We are working on making sure there are minimal hoops to jump through (no creating accounts, giving passwords, signing over your firstborn, etc.) All it takes is your email address! You can find details about following the blog on the sidebar or at the bottom if you’re checking in via your phone.

Enough of that- let’s get to our winners! CONGRATULATIONS to…

  1. Home For Now
  2. GiantGag
  3. Caroline B.

Give yourself a coffee break (or hot chocolate if you are not a coffee fan, like me) on us!   I’ll be shooting y’all emails to redeem your prize. Enjoy!

To all of you, Happy Friday! And, as always, thanks for hangin’ out with me! I’ll see you next week… get pumped because we have a great line up of posts coming your way including the how-to on the coolest DIY Fridge Magnets on the block and another room reveal! Just for the sake of a good cliff hanger, here’s a teaser of the before:

before bathroom

Until then, enjoy “the fun of” the weekend!


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