Feeling Blue

Time for another room reveal! Just like the kitchen and spare bedroom, this room went through some pretty major changes to get to where it is today. Welcome to our Upstairs Bathroom, folks! Our style/vision for this space is clean, crisp, and fresh feeling. Let’s rewind though, shall we? And start from the beginning… When we first bought the house, the Upstairs Bath looked like this:

before bathroombefore bath

Head to toe purple, white tiling, wooden medicine cabinets, floral shower curtain. The room itself was in great condition- the flooring and fixtures looked fine and everything was in pretty good working order! Now to make it feel more like us…

Step 1: Remove towels and shower curtain. We knew we were going to replace everything and having it up would just get in the way of sanding, painting, etc.

house 091

Step #2: Spackle. This was a tedious job that we had a lot of help with! Because we removed both of the medicine cabinets and a few towel racks that had been installed with molly bolts, there were many places in the drywall that needed to be reconstituted. Thanks goes out to some of our Youth Groupers and my parents for their patience with this project!

house 086

Step #3: Sand and paint! Love this step 🙂 We chose Behr Ultra White for the ceiling, trim, and door and Behr “Spa” for the walls. If you look closely at the picture on the right, you can see the blue on the walls around the shower!

house 101house 102

Step #4: Change out a few furnishings. We took out one of the medicine cabinets altogether and replaced it with a white framed mirror. We’re loving the crisp, clean white lines it gives us.

before up bath

up bath 3

The other medicine cabinet stayed, but got an upgrade as well- a new paint job!

house 082

up bath 4

Step #5: Step back, and admire. Our faithful painters rock. That’s all there is to it. Here are some more “afters” to feast on… we’re loving the new room so far!

up bath 6up bath 5up bath 7up bath 8up bath 9before bathup bath 2before bathroomup bath 1

So, what do you think? Do you like the new color? Yes, we still have work to do:

  • Decide what to do about the vanity… Leave it as is? Paint it?
  • Re-grout the bathtub/shower
  • Bleach the grout between floor tiles
  • Paint the beadboard Behr Ultra White
  • Add some decor to the walls and counters (pictures of that coming soon!)

But, overall, we are thrilled with how it looks so far. We like clean and it definitely feels clean 🙂

Anyone else have a bathroom they love? Share some pics- I’d love to see what colors and styles you chose! Until next time, enjoy “the fun of” the weekend!


Update: There have been some updates to the Upstairs Bath since this post… including some new minty details and a storage solution!

8 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

    • Thanks! At first we were going to jump right in and paint it back in the summer, but decided to let the idea simmer a bit (and, oh wait, finish painting every OTHER room in the house first) and revisit the concept in the spring… so we’re opening it back up for discussion. I think I’m with you- it might clean the look up that much more. And you’re right- instant and cheap (two things that I love)!

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