Thrill of the Week: Whatever you do, do NOT lol.

After much deliberation (meaning I asked Mitch what he thought), I’ve decided to change “steal” of the week to “thrill” of the week (if you missed last week’s you can read all about the harrowing adventure here). Reasoning, you ask? I can’t take all of the credit for some of these lovely items we come across- some of our up and comings were actually gifted to us, so to say that we pulled off a “steal” doesn’t really work for everything. The other thing we learned this week is that a thrill is not always tangible, not always something of material value. And sometimes, these are the best kinds. That being said, let me introduce to you the first ever THRILL of the week!


This past weekend, Mitch and I attended the Push the Rock (where Mitch works) annual 5k… which was so much fun and a thrill in and of itself. But that’s not where the thrill of the week happened. Actually, our thrill happened AFTER the 5k, while we were on our way home. We had stopped at the local mall (where we unexpectedly ended up finding and purchasing my engagement ring last November) to get my ring cleaned.

ptr 2

We had parked the car and were walking in, when we passed an older lady who was parked in a handicapped spot, with the hood of her car up. The simple, but hilarious conversation then went as follows:

Mitch: (kind of through her glass window, as she had the door shut and seemed flustered) Is everything alright? Do you need someone to jump your car? We have cables and could help you.

Older Lady: (opened the car door) No, no, it’s okay. I’m fine. My car won’t start, but it’s okay. The three A’s are coming. I just called them.

(silence for about 10 seconds as we tried to figure out what she was talking about)

Leslie: Ohhhh! Triple A? You called Triple A?

Older Lady: Oh, yes! Triple A!

Leslie: Oh, good! So they said they’re coming then?

Older Lady: Yes, yes they’re coming. Thank you anyway!

Mitch and Leslie: No problem. (grinning ear to ear as we walked into the mall)

And this is why, people, a thrill of the week can come in any form. Sometimes it’s getting something for a great price. Other times, it’s a little old lady making your day by calling “the Three A’s” to come and help her start her car. You just have to keep your eyes open and your heart ready to be melted at all times… there are wonderful people in this world, that can make you smile at any given moment. One of the best parts of our weekend, for sure.

Look for the little thrills this week… and do share. We could all use a smile 🙂


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