Easter Is So Egg-citing!

As newlyweds, Mitch and I are still experiencing each holiday “for the first time as a married couple” and are enjoying creating some new holiday traditions of our own! Granted, egg dying isn’t anything new to society, but we decided we wanted in on the fun anyway. So I bring you: The Thomas Fab 4: Favorite Egg Decor edition… WITH A TWIST!

Even though Easter is later this year, it still crept up on us and we were finding ourselves hard pressed to find enough time to actually dye Easter eggs together. SO, we decided that we wouldn’t. Maybe the REAL title of this post should be:eggs 1

Here are four simple (each took about 5-10 minutes from start to finish) techniques to make your Easter eggs shine, without all of the hassle of the dye. Best part? I only used things that we already had around our house! If you get creative and go hunting through some drawers, you can do all of these for free yourself!

Style #1: Tissue Paper Dream: I don’t know if it’s because I have tissue paper on my mind (within the past month, I did two projects featuring the stuff… you can see them here and here), but the “stained glass” look just says Easter to me. Grab your favorite color(s) and some Modge Podge and go to tissue-paper town!eggs 003eggs 4

Style #2: Half As Much: This one’s simple and sweet, but oh-so-chic. Tape off a portion of your egg, grab a sponge and a dab of paint in the color(s) of your choice and sponge away, leaving the taped off part a nice bright white!

 eggs 001eggs 002eggs 6eggs 7

Style #3: Disco Fever: Grab some glitter and go to town! You can do the whole egg, just half, or even a pattern. I just went for the simple “dusting” look.eggs 3

Style #4: I Want it in Ink: Sticking with the simplistic style, we’re loving the timeless look of regular old black Sharpie on a pure, white egg. And the words? The Easter story, of course! We used John 3:16 (For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.) and wrote it, spiraling around the egg. Done deal.eggs 2

A Twist on Displaying: Most often, we stick decorated eggs in a bowl or basket, but look around your house for something different! I found three silver-rimmed, glass votives and just popped a Sharpied egg in each for a classy and understated, but still Easter-y feel. Get creative and show those eggs off in a new way!eggs 5

And there you have it folks- I bet you can knock out this project in 30 minutes! It’s not too late to fancy up a few eggs from your fridge. Send us some photos- we’d love to share the egg- decor love with everyone!



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