Thrill of the Week: Salt ‘n Pepper in the Springtime

In honor of Easter, we’re stickin’ with the egg theme (A big thanks goes out to all of you who commented and shared yesterday’s post! If you try out the non-dying Easter egg decor, shoot us some pictures and we’ll have a photo reveal party!). Onward to new egg adventures. A few weekends ago, we visited Mitch’s family in DE and spent some really great time seeing and catching up with everyone. Upon our arrival, we were gifted (for no rhyme or reason!) with this charming salt and pepper set… and just in time for spring, no less!Salt n' Pepper

How perfect are these? The egg color couldn’t be more appropriate for our kitchen and funny enough, they match the bird scheme (which I didn’t really recognize as a theme until now…) throughout the house! Check out more birds in action around the Thomas casa here and here. We are thrilled to add these to our collection and they have taken up residency on our kitchen table for the season.Salt n' PepperSalt n' PepperWe love how they compliment the simple blue hue of the glass and correlate with the springiness of the flowers. Want to get the look for your own home? It’s a quick and easy process, with a huge impact on your space. Check it out here.

sp 4

Thank you, Thomas clan, for the beautiful gift! We love them almost as much as we love you. 🙂

See ya later, everyone- have a happy happy day!


PS. Have no fear- tomorrow will not be another post on eggs. Instead, get pumped for some minty Upstairs Bathroom updates! Want to do a bit of catch up beforehand? Click here to see the room’s progress to date.

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