In Mint Condition

As promised, we’re straying from the Easter egg theme (if you missed it, you can catch up on the fun here and here) and “coming back home”. A few weeks ago, you saw the progress on our Upstairs Bathroom. We exchanged the head-to-toe purple for a crisp white and spa blue. Need a reminder? Here’s a quick before/after to jog your memory:

Upstairs Bathup bath 1

Today, I’m back to show you a few of the details that have really helped up the “spa” factor of the room. So far, we’re loving the look and are even tossing around a few other ideas to finish the space completely. But back to the details. You know I love all things teal, turquoise, and mint, so it should be no surprise that our blue bathroom did not escape unscathed. Prepare to have your minty mind blown… here’s what she looks like today:

Mint Bathroom 12All gussied up for the big reveal! 🙂 To get this look, we purchased and scavenged for all different types of blue glass, towels, and other bathroom necessities. More details, you say? I thought you’d never ask…

Mint Bathroom 1We filled a light blue/green soap dispenser (Target) with regular hand soap, that happened to come in a purplish color that fits right in with the theme. The mirror is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and yes, that’s another blue Mason jar (we own a few). They make the world go round, here at the Thomas household. Recognize that springy look? I’m telling you… you can stretch baby’s breath for miles!

Mint Bathroom 2Onto the toilet/medicine cabinet area. We love that bright white, lacy trash can (BBB) and as for the resident atop the toilet? A double decker storage container (also BBB?) that we use to house an army of cotton balls and q-tips. This, flanked by a couple of mint votives, and the toilet is looking like quite the charmer!

Mint Bathroom 4The medicine cabinet got a spa treatment of its own, too! I just rolled up a few washcloths, arranged them in a pyramid, and called it a day. To balance the towels, we added a couple bottles of shower/bath/spa stuff and another votive.

Mint Bathroom 3 Mint Bathroom 9Feel like “Pure Paradise” to you? We hope so!

Mint Bathroom 8If we do a 180, you can see the towel situation we have going on here:

Mint Bathroom 6Mint Bathroom 5All of our towels (bath towels, wash cloths, hand towels, bathmats) hail from BBB and although we don’t usually leave the bathmat on the floor, it took center stage for its moment in the spotlight. And no, our towels don’t stay this “put together” all of the time… we’re humans too. We like that the towels don’t exactly match the color of the walls, which doesn’t exactly match the floor mat, which is not identical to the votives, etc. etc. A mix of spa-like blues is what we’re going for here…

Speaking of floor mat, let me introduce you to one of our favorite room details:Mint Bathroom 11The mat came from Target and is a bit greener than some of the other details in the space, but again- we love that each piece goes together, but is not totally matchy. Also, the print makes my heart flutter. 🙂

So there you have it- enough mint details to last you until your next pack of gum! And just for good measure, one last shot for the day:Mint Bathroom 7A few things we’re still simmering on:

  • To paint or not to paint the vanity?
  • What should go above the towel racks?
  • Is there a way we could squeeze any more storage space out of this room?

And your behind the scenes fun fact for the day: Our minty spa bathroom is not the first in the family. Just take a hike over to my mom’s house… or my Aunt Becky’s house- we’re all sporting the look! It’s all the rage and apparently, the love of blues runs in the family. 🙂

Until next time, enjoy “the fun of it” today… whatever that means for you!


PS. Don’t forget to cast your vote and help us out with our Kitchen Cabinet puzzle!

12 thoughts on “In Mint Condition

  1. Beautiful colors in there! My vote is to paint the vanity so it doesn’t look as dated. I hate to paint so it is easy for me to tell someone else to do so, haha! AND, I adore Blue Ball mason jars. I even have a whole board on Pinterest just for that.

    • Thanks Barbara! We are leaning toward paint… and a lot of people that I have heard from have said the same thing. Thanks for your feedback (and for reading!) 🙂 Also, I’m with you- Mason jars run the show at our house. I can see why you’d have a whole board for them!

  2. Your blog is lovely! And that’s an awesome makeover of your spa — I adore minty hues! I vote to paint the vanity as well. I tend to dislike light wood grains myself, but aesthetically I think it lends a lighter feel to your spa anyway. And one more thing, the beadboard wainscot is so charming!

    • Thanks Isabel! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! I’ll add your vote to the growing tally of “yes, paint it!” 🙂 And yes, mints and blues are the best in my world too!

  3. What a great color for a bathroom! Seeing the shelves above the toilet painted white, I’m inclined to suggest painting the vanity white, too. If you want to try to squeeze in more storage, you might want to consider some open shelving above the towel bars. Just a thought!

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