Master of the House

Now that you’re so well acquainted with most of our house, we figure it’s time to pull a switcheroo and show you a new space… the Master Bedroom! This room might be our most drastic change-up yet. Here’s the space as it looked the day we bought the house (in a 360 degree fashion):

Walking in, you see this:

Master And if you turn to the right:

MasterRight again (now looking into the hallway):

Master looking into hallway/ SpareAnd one more right (looking at the closet):

Master closetThe room is a good size, with a nice sized closet. Buuuuuut it had pink carpet and green walls (I grew up with pink carpet in my bedroom, so I am no stranger, nor am I disapproving) that had to go. It was not so much the color of the carpet, but the condition that put it on the top of our “to remove list”. And let’s face it, the green and pink together left something to be desired… at least for our particular taste.

The first thing we did for this room was choose a color. Unlike many of our other spaces, we wanted something neutral, that we could use as a foundation to layer on a bunch of other textures and soothing tones. Note: Not to worry- we got all of our “go crazy with color” out on the Spare BedroomThe vision for this space was “calming oasis”- we wanted to incorporate a lot of silvers, blacks, grays, and whites, and refrain from infusing a lot of saturated color. In the end, we chose an off-white called Cottage White from Behr. To this day, it is one of the most relaxing spaces in the house. AND it lends itself well to a host of different patterns and textures because it’s okay with letting other pieces and fabrics take center stage. Gotta love a humble color, right? 🙂

house 098You can see that green peeking through (above) as we waited for a spot of spackling to dry, but after three coats, we were confident that the green monster had been finally tamed. Here are a few more (blurry) shots of the new hue:house 099

house 100Oh yeah, and the ceiling got a coat of Behr Ultra White ceiling paint too- which made a world of difference. Next step? Rip those carpets out and paint the baseboards a sparkling white to match the ceiling! Note: We were advised by the carpet people (aka Empire) to cut away a few inches from the walls and paint the baseboards beforehand, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about protecting the new carpets when painting them after installation. And speaking of installation, these guys were FAST! They did the Master and Spare (we used the same color for both) in just about an hour flat. It was all I could do to get a few shots of the process before they were speeding onto the next step, but here are a few “in progress”.

new 004 new 006

Out with the old and in with the new (padding):

new 010And the for the finished product (Empire Carpets, Series: Ponce, Style: Ivory) 

new 015So there it is, new ivory carpet, clean walls, and sparkling trim! As you can see, this room still has (well, had, at that point in the game) a long way to go… furniture, a bed, and decor to come! See that pile of blankets? That was the “bed” Mitch was using for the time being. If you look closely, you can see the markings of where we were measuring for the new bed. We found that drawing in the carpet to “place” each piece of furniture really helped to give us a good idea of spacing.

More about those updates and details to come! For now, Happy Tuesday (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite brothers!)!



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