Thrill of the Week: Snailed It

I am more excited by our newest family member than maybe I should be… let me introduce you to one of my latest thrifting finds:snail

The other weekend, I stopped in 2nd Avenue (one of the local second-hand stores) to take a quick look around because it was one of their sale days (every Sunday and Monday, they have certain items discounted!!). Much to my delight, I walked out with a small bundle of treasures and they were all “sale items”! Hooray! The other beauty of the day was that the majority of my purchases were things that we had been on the lookout for. Our new friend, however, was a happy accident. And even happier: everything with a purple tag was 1/3 off, so Mr. Snail only cost me about $1.30. Cheers.snailMaybe it’s the warm, sunny days or maybe I’ve caught the spring fever, but this little guy delighted me to no end and I knew that I could calm the crazy splatter paint with a few quick coats of white spray paint. If you haven’t noticed, this is becoming a trend… we buy something that is almost perfect and make it into exactly what we want by breaking out the ‘ole can ‘o spray paint. 

Here’s Snaily, mid-makeover:snail

I couldn’t figure out how to situate him while his underside dried, but a simple garden hook did the trick!snail

And the finished product:snail

Mr. Snail now lives… well, wherever we need/want him to! What I mean by this is that we move him around. He started on the floating shelves in the kitchen…snail moved to the coffee table…snail and is currently perched in the midst of our May Mantel (details on that project to come!).snailHooray for multi-functional pieces.

Any spring-y creatures making appearances on your shelves this season? Do tell.


7 thoughts on “Thrill of the Week: Snailed It

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