Storage in the Bathroom

If you remember way back when, during the mint craze in our upstairs bath, we wondered if there was anything else we could add to the to squeeze out any more storage from the space. And guess what? There is. After some looking around, I stumbled across this add from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which we will affectionately call BBB from now on for typing purposes):

bathroom storage

Just to clarify, we were interested in the smaller floor unit on the right. Before stumbling on this one, we had been scouring the Habitat Restore and other thrifty options for something that was small enough, but had shelves to house extra towels, toilet paper, etc. Everything that we found was either too bulky and stuck out too far or was out of our price range. At thirty bucks (and an additional 20% thanks to my trusty “they-send-a-few-every-week” coupon), we headed out to BBB to collect the (hopefully, final) storage solution.

bathroom storage

We opted for the brushed silver finish (it was either that or black), figuring it would go best with the silvery hardware on the vanity and medicine cabinet. And really, if we didn’t like it, we could always just (drumroll, please…) spray paint it white. Shocker. We’re big fans of spray paint: see some of our other spraying adventures here, here, and here

I won’t bore you with the assembly details- let’s just say, if you’re planning on getting one for yourself (here’s the link), this is a good project for sitting in front of the TV and watching something mindless. It will come looking like this:bathroom storage

And the rest is up to you! My review of the put-together-process is that it went fine. Nothing too challenging or difficult to understand. I will say this: my tip for assembling anything is to always first lay out your pieces (including screw, bolts, etc.) so that you can find each item quickly as you’re working your way through the instructions. This method really came in handy for our big curtain-hanging overhaul.

bathroom storage

And eventually, it’ll start to come together 🙂

bathroom storage

I’m the type of person that likes to play with the toys as soon as they’re unwrapped, so you can bet that (although it was laaaaate), I had that shelf up in the bathroom as soon as it was finished. And here it sits… happily offering three shelves of “space to grow”:

bathroom storage

Although we’re glad that we chose the silver finish, the chances are very good that it will soon be painted white for that “blend in” look. For now, we’ve been living with it and think it was a good choice for our small-ish bathroom. It’s not bulky and kind of has that “see- through” vibe (which we think will even increase when it’s painted white). Next on the list: painting and “dressing it up” with all sorts of bathroom-y goodies. And of course, we’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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