Storage in the Bathroom

If you remember way back when, during the mint craze in our upstairs bath, we wondered if there was anything else we could add to the to squeeze out any more storage from the space. And guess what? There is. After some looking around, I stumbled across this add from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which we will affectionately call BBB from now on for typing purposes):

bathroom storage

Just to clarify, we were interested in the smaller floor unit on the right. Before stumbling on this one, we had been scouring the Habitat Restore and other thrifty options for something that was small enough, but had shelves to house extra towels, toilet paper, etc. Everything that we found was either too bulky and stuck out too far or was out of our price range. At thirty bucks (and an additional 20% thanks to my trusty “they-send-a-few-every-week” coupon), we headed out to BBB to collect the (hopefully, final) storage solution.

bathroom storage

We opted for the brushed silver finish (it was either that or black), figuring it would go best with the silvery hardware on the vanity and medicine cabinet. And really, if we didn’t like it, we could always just (drumroll, please…) spray paint it white. Shocker. We’re big fans of spray paint: see some of our other spraying adventures here, here, and here

I won’t bore you with the assembly details- let’s just say, if you’re planning on getting one for yourself (here’s the link), this is a good project for sitting in front of the TV and watching something mindless. It will come looking like this:bathroom storage

And the rest is up to you! My review of the put-together-process is that it went fine. Nothing too challenging or difficult to understand. I will say this: my tip for assembling anything is to always first lay out your pieces (including screw, bolts, etc.) so that you can find each item quickly as you’re working your way through the instructions. This method really came in handy for our big curtain-hanging overhaul.

bathroom storage

And eventually, it’ll start to come together 🙂

bathroom storage

I’m the type of person that likes to play with the toys as soon as they’re unwrapped, so you can bet that (although it was laaaaate), I had that shelf up in the bathroom as soon as it was finished. And here it sits… happily offering three shelves of “space to grow”:

bathroom storage

Although we’re glad that we chose the silver finish, the chances are very good that it will soon be painted white for that “blend in” look. For now, we’ve been living with it and think it was a good choice for our small-ish bathroom. It’s not bulky and kind of has that “see- through” vibe (which we think will even increase when it’s painted white). Next on the list: painting and “dressing it up” with all sorts of bathroom-y goodies. And of course, we’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


Mantel of the Month: Spring Edition

The truth is, we are enjoying this mantel set up so much that I just couldn’t confine it to “the May Mantel” because, let’s face it, we’ll probably have it up well into June. Fortunately, the good thing about this set-up is that it can easily be tweaked or added to for some quick change- ups as we enter into the summer months without restructuring the whole thing. So, with that, I bring you:diy spring mantel

Step 1: Find a base. I recycled our folded white table cloth from the April Mantel– just a quick brush-off and straightening later and she was ready for her May debut!april mantel 006

Step 2: Watermelon, baby. The “theme”/ color scheme for this display is a pink and green combo. It’s a mash-up of some Mother’s Day hues and spring-y greens. You can grab a few of these playful pink pails (say that three times fast) for a few bucks each at Target:may 018

And as for the green, you can peel off the labels of a few glass bottles and you’re ready to go! I found a whole set of ’em at a thrift store (for less than $1 a piece-hooray!), so I was more than happy to pass on the drink buying and sticker removal process.may 015

Step 3: Plant it. I stuck a few plants we had around the house in the pails and went to work arranging each side of the mantel to be a balanced, but not symmetrical layout.may 012

Step 4: The devil’s in the details. To keep everything from being too flat-looking, I added some hits of silver on each side with a galvanized pot and a silvery candle holder.may 001

Remember our friend, Mr. Snail? He even got a spot, front and center…may 002

As I said before, we’re expecting to leave this display up for a few months, making small changes here and there to bring in some summer-y elements as well. But for now, I’ll leave you with a few full-view shots to top things off…may 008 may 010

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a fun weekend! I’m off to mentally and physically (aka. take a nap) prepare for an all-night laser tag trip with the youth group this weekend… yep, you read that right- ALL NIGHT. Let me paint this picture for you: the event starts at 11pm and ends at 6am. Score a point for Youth Ministry.



Thrill of the Week: Snailed It

I am more excited by our newest family member than maybe I should be… let me introduce you to one of my latest thrifting finds:snail

The other weekend, I stopped in 2nd Avenue (one of the local second-hand stores) to take a quick look around because it was one of their sale days (every Sunday and Monday, they have certain items discounted!!). Much to my delight, I walked out with a small bundle of treasures and they were all “sale items”! Hooray! The other beauty of the day was that the majority of my purchases were things that we had been on the lookout for. Our new friend, however, was a happy accident. And even happier: everything with a purple tag was 1/3 off, so Mr. Snail only cost me about $1.30. Cheers.snailMaybe it’s the warm, sunny days or maybe I’ve caught the spring fever, but this little guy delighted me to no end and I knew that I could calm the crazy splatter paint with a few quick coats of white spray paint. If you haven’t noticed, this is becoming a trend… we buy something that is almost perfect and make it into exactly what we want by breaking out the ‘ole can ‘o spray paint. 

Here’s Snaily, mid-makeover:snail

I couldn’t figure out how to situate him while his underside dried, but a simple garden hook did the trick!snail

And the finished product:snail

Mr. Snail now lives… well, wherever we need/want him to! What I mean by this is that we move him around. He started on the floating shelves in the kitchen…snail moved to the coffee table…snail and is currently perched in the midst of our May Mantel (details on that project to come!).snailHooray for multi-functional pieces.

Any spring-y creatures making appearances on your shelves this season? Do tell.