If you recall, yesterday we mentioned that change is in the air: both with our back patio (a post about that is coming later today!) and with the blog itself. Sooo…. notice anything different? Did I hear someone say NAME CHANGE?! Oh, yeah- we’re taking the plunge. Welcome to the new and improved:Oh, the FunThe biggest change of course is our Blog Title (from Oh, the Fun of It to Oh, the Fun!) and the web address. Our new web address is: 

Short and sweet (as opposed to:… what a mouthful!) and easy to remember. Nothing about our content is changing (except that we are now able to upload videos!) and you can still expect DIY projects, updates on home renovations and decor, and tales of ministry and traveling adventures. Same old fun, brand new spin.

Oh, and we’ve had a make-over… you can expect to see some new colors, patterns, and menu updates coming soon, but here’s a snapshot of our fresh look:Oh, the FunSo far we’re liking it, but as with anything, “we can always paint over it” if we change our minds. And for some new teals and greens to add to the palette:Oh, the FunFun, fun, fun… har har. But WAIT, there’s more! Check out our brand spankin’ new Facebook Page!

Oh, the Fun Feel free to poke around at any of the uploaded (or soon-to-be-uploaded) pictures and join the conversation that’ll be happening over in that corner of the worldwideweb. Oh yeah, and “like” us while you’re at it… that way you’ll never miss any of the fun that goes down every week! Looking for a more direct way to read posts? Follow the blog using your email and you will be notified every time there is a new post published! To do this, simply follow the instructions on the left sidebar (or at the bottom if you’re on your phone).

All that to say, hope you enjoy “the new us”! Check back in this afternoon for Part 1 of our Patio Reno extravaganza!


2 thoughts on “Cha-cha-cha-Changes!

  1. I like it! The new look better reflects what you’re all about. 🙂 I’ve been knee deep in html code for the last few weeks doing a DIY upgrade of my blog’s look. It’s slow going, but also interesting to learn something new.

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