Thrill of the Week: Pin Up

As you saw earlier this week (check it out here), we’ve completed Phase 1 of Mission: Kitchen Command Center. As we continue to add receipts, coupons, and shopping lists, it is becoming evident that having a place to organize things really helps with our crazy weekly routine. Cork in the CabinetsOur next step is adding a chalkboard space to the inside of another cabinet and we’re hoping that that could become a weekly meal chart of sorts. Too often, we find ourselves coming home and eating a quick dinner of sandwiches or fast food before rushing out to a meeting because we didn’t plan ahead and decide on what to cook beforehand. No more. It’s our goal to get better at pre-planning for the entire week, so we’re not left eating PB and J every night! Anyway… back to the Thrill for this week:

Cork in the CabinetCan you see it (or them, I should say)? Since the installation of the cork, we’ve been using scotch tape to hold everything in place. However, this week’s thrill promises an upgrade in style and glam to our functional doors. Check out a close up of these babies!

Thrill of the Week: Pin Up

For just under $3 (courtesy of Target), what a great way to chic-ify our little nook! (I’m sure Mitch will be thrilled that I’ve used “chic-ify” to describe this post…)Thrill of the Week: Pin Up

Granted, the cork IS on the inside of the doors, so they won’t get a whole lot of airtime, but still- it’s the little things that really make a space shine. Also, it’s okay to have nice things that only you enjoy and guests don’t always see… after all, you’re the one living with it! As a matter of fact, these little cuties initiated an entire cork board makeover! After popping them into our existing cork, I was inspired to take the project to the next step…Cork in the CabinetLabels and all, baby! The first thing I did was jot down a quick sketch of what it might look like, what would go where, etc.

Cork in the Cabinet

From there, I used a few bits of scrapbook paper to create my labels. The categories I chose to go with are: Recipes to Try, Shopping List, Grocery Coupons, Other Coupons, and Misc.

Cork in the Cabinet

I pinned up each label, leaving space for the “contents” to fill up over time. For my shopping list, I used a notepad (from the dollar bin at Michaels) and a couple left over adhesive strips from the cork kit and stuck it right onto cork (at a height I can easily reach, of course!). Cork in the Cabinet

After that, all that was left was to fill ‘er up!Cork in the CabinetCork in the CabinetCork in the CabinetAnd when they’re not in use, our pins conveniently just hang out in the corner…

Cork in the Cabinet

So go ahead, spend a few bucks to add a bit of flair to a secret space that you’ll enjoy. 🙂


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