Thrill of the Week: Let’s Add Some Cushion

I’m going to cut right to the chase: we found seating cushions for our patio chairs! They were a bit of a splurge for us, but in the end, we love them and are looking forward to enjoying them for the next few years. But let’s rewind… here are those chairs we got (from this post):Patio Chairs 026

Comfy on their own, but could use even more cushion and pizzazz when it comes to color. Remember when I passed up on teal chairs? Not to worry- we more than made up for it with… TEAL CUSHIONS!Patio CushionsI know, I know, lot’s of teal in this picture- we went for the middle one with the circular print. You can find them at Target for $14.99. Here, they have a dark tone to them, but once they’re all set up on the patio, they look more like this:

Patio CushionsAnd you guessed it… we LOVE them! Here’s a close-up:

Patio Chairs 013And for those of you in the back, an even closer shot of that print:

Patio Chairs 017There’s so much I could say about these, but everyone loves pictures more than words so I’ll just flood this post with teal-goodness.

Patio Chairs 011

We really like how they compliment the black and white, but bring a bit of color to the patio. I think we now have a bit of teal in At least we’re consistent.

Patio Chairs 015 Patio Chairs 009So yeah, come on over for a picnic sometime- we’ve got teal for days. Happy Summer!


5 thoughts on “Thrill of the Week: Let’s Add Some Cushion

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