The Mirror Move

Can you spot the newest improvement(s)?

Mirror Move 034

Ok, ok, sorry- I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up… Once upon a time, the front wall of our family room looked like this:gallery wall 027We fondly look back on those days when we had no idea what colors we should be using in that room… red? blues? orange and green? Actually, no we don’t- we’ve happily moved on to better days. But one thing we did love was that mirror. It hails from Lowes and has the potential to tie the entire room together, which is why it was a bittersweet day when we had to take it down. Bittersweet because we were taking it down to make room for (what could be) the most dramatic change to the downstairs to date:family room curtainsBam. New curtains, new room. But no more room for the mirror. 😦 As promised, though, I am keeping you in the loop about where our sunshine-esque friend ended up. After some thought, we decided that the wall above the TV needed a little something and that our bold mirror could be just the thing for that space. As it turns out, we were right!

Mirror Move 031Mirror Move 019It has been this way for a few months now and we are definitely sold on the centered mirror, but are now rethinking what, if anything, should be on either side. Now that we have the mirror up, it is starting to feel a bit crowded with our four square frames and we haven’t even put anything up on the right side of the wall yet.

Mirror Move 023Soooo, we may be in the running for a change up to our original something-on-either-side-but-anchored-by-something-in-the-middle plan. Who knows? We may even move our beloved four square from that wall for good and keep both sides blank! Ca-ra-zy.

Anywho, back to the mirrorless space next to the new curtains… we loved having the mirror there to begin with because this room does not get a whole lot of light and can sometimes feel cave-like and dungeon-y. The lamps really help to reflect light around the space and the mirrors act almost as a window in an otherwise enclosed room (not counting the one real window, of course). So, long story short: what did we end up choosing to take the place of our circle mirror? Other mirrors.Mirror Move 011These ones are smaller and remind me of those portholes in ships. They also play nicely with the patterns on the curtains and have presence on the wall, but are not overwhelming to look at.

Mirror Move 013Actually, we like these little fellows here even more than the larger scale previous tenant. Hanging them was simple, due to the clever packaging (thank you, Target) that allows you to cut the cardboard into templates to hang on the walls and even nail through to get a perfect placement for your frames. We all know that I have issues with frame hanging, so this was a welcome help in this process.hanging small mirrorsBefore we knew it, we had three new “peep holes” hangin’ purty next to our spankin’ new curtains. Hooray! They come in an ivory/white color, but there is no promises that they’ll stay that way. Who knows? Maybe we’ll go truly crazy and paint them a deep blue or apple green? Stranger things have happened. Oh, and if your look closely, you can see that our mirror move resulted in a small nail hole we will have to fill and re-paint… someday.

Mirror Move 015BUT, consider yourselves caught up on the action thus far and we will keep you up to speed on any color changes, frame moving, etc. Here’s the current final product as is today:

Mirror Move 033

Until next time, enjoy “the fun of it”!



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