Bunting for Baby

Not our baby… let me squash that rumor right away. My cousins, Chris (my biological cousin) and Jess (who married Chris and was the Maid of Honor in my wedding), are in the home stretch of the pregnancy and are due to have their baby any day now! Back in May, we celebrated them with a shower and I got the chance to get a little creative for the occasion. One of my favorite crafts to welcome our to-be newest family member was her very own welcome sign!baby showers and boxes 117This is an easy craft that you can use for any occasion and get as fancy or simple with it as you want. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

Step 1: Create your template. I used a piece of cardboard to make a triangle for the rest of the cut outs.baby showers and boxes 093

Step 2: Cut out triangles. You can use fabric (the fancy kind of banner) or scrapbook paper (an easier version… and the one I did 🙂 )baby showers and boxes 094

Step 3: Use the triangles for your message and tape (or sew) them to a piece of twine or string.baby showers and boxes 095baby showers and boxes 098

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!bunting

We had great fun celebrating the newest member of our family! For privacy sake, I blurred their last name, but our bunting said “Welcome Baby *****” and was a cute addition to the party, complete with the color scheme of the new nursery!

Happy Monday, all!


3 thoughts on “Bunting for Baby

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