How To: Spray Paint Rings on a Basket (esque Item)

I know this has been baby week (see Monday and Wednesday’s post for the goods) and while this is not just a baby post, you could definitely use it in a baby’s room or for a baby shower. So it fits… at least by my logic. 🙂

This is a tale of yet another spray painting adventure of mine… we all know how much fun spray paint is. Check out other spraying adventures here, here, here, here, and here. But this one’s a bit different because I didn’t just completely change the color of an item by adding a coat of paint- I tried my hand at a bit of detailing. Ooooo, fancy! how to

This project was great because it took very little time (10 minutes tops), very little effort (just get that trigger finger ready), and very little money (hoo.ray.). All that you’ll need for this project is something to spray paint, a bit of painters tape (I also used some Scotch tape), and spray paint in a color of your choosing.Outside 134

From there, it’s only three easy steps to a finished product!Crafts 062

Step 1: Tape off your design. For this project, I broke out a basket-y tray that I found for under a buck at a thrift store (hence, the “very little money” part). I decided to follow the shape of my woven platter and tape off a few rings so that there would be some in the wicker tone and some bright white ones. I don’t know if it was the type of painters tape I used, but mine wasn’t sticking all that well, so I gave it a bit of reinforcement with some Scotch. Outside 135

Step 2: Give it a few thin and even coats. Outside 136

Step 3: Peel off the tape and let it dry. When I peeled the outer most rim off, I discovered a bit of discoloration that I didn’t see before, so I decided to go ahead and cover it by spraying the entire (previously taped off) rim white as well.Outside 138Outside 139

After it’s all dry, you’re good to go for everyday use and decoration!Crafts 063

Don’t you just love a quick and easy way to add a little interest? Yeah, me too.

Crafts 061

Anyone else breaking out the ‘ole spray paint lately? Any intricate “taping off” tricks you can share with me? I’d love to hear…

Happy Spraying!


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