Thrill of the Week: Literally

This week’s thrill was about as thrilling as it gets. If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that we were hard at work celebrating Mitch’s sister’s 10th birthday this weekend!Birthday Fun 004And boy, did we party in style (if the luau outfit wasn’t indication enough)… check out this water slide they rented for the day!Birthday Fun 008

Huge, huh? And I can tell you- it was even bigger in person. See that square-ish panel to the left? Here’s a picture of Kylie and one of her buddies standing next to it for some height comparison.Birthday Fun 009

It was almost three stories high! Needless to say, we had an awesome day flying down that slide and into the pool at the bottom. Here’s the cool thing- you can try it too… and right from your seat! We didn’t want you to miss out on the fun, so we shot a little video for your viewing riding pleasure… enjoy!

I know you watched that more than once… I don’t blame you. 🙂 As fun as the party was, this weekend wasn’t all birthday cake and balloons- we even managed to sneak in a bit of homey eye candy for ya too! On our way home, we stopped in Marshalls/HomeGoods because they were boasting a massive clearance sale (which I couldn’t seem to find in the store). Here are a few things that caught my eye as I wandered through the home aisles while Mitch went hunting for a belt to wear in an upcoming wedding he’s in. Obviously we couldn’t walk out with everything I saw and liked, but window shopping can be just as fun as real shopping! So let’s get to it:Green chairThis tufted, light apple green chair ($199) caught my eye because it looks so business-like from the front, but give it a spin and there’s definitely a party going in the back! I liked the surprise patterned backing, topped off with some nail head edging. So cool!

Birthday Fun 035This guy was right up my alley (teal glass? yes please.) and was on clearance for $10. This would be a unique addition to any room and could definitely transition nicely between seasons. Fill it with something tall and leafy and you’ve got an instant centerpiece. You could also fill it with sand and shells or even pine cones for more of a seasonal look… yeah, I was tempted to add him to our cart.

HomeGoods Fall

Speaking of seasons, my absolute favorite of the four is right around the corner, so you can image how my heart started racing when I turned into this aisle. As much as I love watching all the fire-y colors appear on trees, this silvery pumpkin made me double take. I forgot to check the price, but I think that’s because I was too busy trying to work out how I could DIY the same look on my own. I think a regular pumpkin, some silver spray paint, and white craft paint would get you the same vibe… this might make the “fall crafty to-do list” this year.Birthday Fun 033Ok, switch gears back to the present. These shelves were full of beachy fun, but what caught my eye was the silver (am I sensing a theme?) clam shell and the coral nautical knot/ball. I wanted to scoop the coral ball right up and give it a home in our spare bedroom. If you’re in the market for some beachy swag, the clam shell was $39 and the nautical ball was $10… send us some pictures if you end up with one of ’em and I’ll live vicariously through you and your beachy decor. 🙂

Birthday Fun 032In the pillow department, I fell hard for the silver-y (what did I tell you?!) pattern on the two above. Mitch quickly pointed out that the longer pillow looked like a bunch of Jesus fish all in a row… how cool! Both of the pillows above were $20 each. The ones pictured below ($17 a piece) caught our eye as family room possibilities. We liked the textured, almost-burlap (but softer) feel and the color was a great neutral that could go a host of different room colors and styles.

Birthday Fun 031Birthday Fun 034

Ok, this bicycle figurine was just charming. For $17, I was 90% certain that we’d be taking it home with us… that is until Mitch ruined it for me by saying that it reminded him of a certain scary movie with a certain scary clown. If you know anything about me, you know I don’t do scary movies and I can do without clowns for the most part too. So it stayed. But please, if you don’t know the movie I’m talking about, I certainly won’t ruin it for you. For pete’s sake, SOMEONE should get to enjoy the charming bike on their family room shelf.

Birthday Fun 030These capiz shell boxes came in all different shapes and sizes and The hexagon shaped ones in the upper corners were $17 and the larger ones were more (I forgot to check). I thought that one of these would be a great place to stash away remotes, TV guides, or anything else that needs a home, but isn’t super pretty to look at.

Birthday Fun 036

Last, but not least- these owls were stashed in with all of the Halloween stuff (it’s that time already?), but I thought that they could make cute shelf pieces all year round. The small, silver-y ones to the left were $8, so some of the larger ones were probably a bit more. Such an adorable way to spend eight buckaroos!

So there you have it- a birthday bash round up of all things thrilling and tempting! Oh, and you know we didn’t leave empty handed… Here’s what made it home in our cart:Birthday Fun 031Capiz Shell BoxCan’t wait to give those pillows a whirl on the couch and put that capiz box to work housing a few remotes!

Happy Monday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Thrill of the Week: Literally

  1. I have the small silver owl on my mantle!! I actually bought mine at TJ Maxx and I want to say I didn’t spend more than $5 on it but I adore it. I have a thing for owls and mercury glass so I had to have it 🙂

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