May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor…

And in my case, they weren’t. But let me back up…Outside 141

Last night, a few youth groupers crashed our house for the day (which we love) and we ended the night with a campfire, s’mores, and one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. The kiddos (I use that term inappropriately, as they are some of the most mature Middle School-High School-and beyond students I know) taught me a new game called What Are the Odds. You may already know of this game, but it was new to me and I loved it so much I thought anyone who works with kids (or just needs a good game for their next party or family reunion) could benefit from a quick post of how-to-play. So here we go:

with a twist

The object of the game is to not end up doing whatever task is presented. Think of it like a twisted version of Truth or Dare without the “truth” part. One person comes up with a “dare” and chooses someone else to challenge. They ask the question, prefacing it with “what are the odds…”

So it could go like this: Mitch, what are the odds you would… lick Joe’s foot?

Mitch would then have to decide which odds he wants to work with. He can say anything from 1 in 4 to 1 in 100 if he wants. Obviously, the more daring players choose a smaller window of odds.

He would then answer: One in ten. (or whatever he wants)

The challenger (let’s just say me) and challengee (Mitch) then have to- on the count of three- both say a number out loud that falls in between whatever odds Mitch indicated (in this case, a number between 1 and 10). Note: It’s helpful to have a third party count to three for the two participating.

Here’s where it gets interesting/crazy: If they both say the same number, the challengee has to then complete the challenge. If they don’t, they move onto round two. Round two is essentially the same thing (same challenge, same people), but the odds are cut in HALF (so now it’s 1 in 5) and the roles SWITCH! So we go through the same count down, say a number at the same time (this time anything between 1 and 5) and if we say the same number, then I would have to do the challenge! So there is a certain risk factor in challenging someone to do something because you may end up having to do it yourself! If we don’t say the same number the second time around, the game is over and a new challenge with new people is presented. Note: Some “failed” challenges kept getting recycled until the odds deemed someone to accept the challenge. 

Seriously, one of the most fun games I have played in awhile. Here’s to hoping that this adds some hysterically memorable moments to your next party. In the spirit of memorable moments, I figured I’d include my own run in with the odds…

Can’t wait to play it again. 🙂 Thanks for teaching me FPCA Youth!


PS. Let me clear something else… the term “toe water” might be a bit misleading. There was melted ice in a bag that someone had been using to ice their foot. So the water never really touched her toes, but still… gross.

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