Honeymooning in Mexico!

Time to wrap this Wedding Week up- if you’re new to the scene and just checking in now, here’s what we covered this week: how we celebrated one year, the wedding day play-by-play, how we asked the bridal party, and the ins and outs of all the wedding details. Today we’re bringing this party home with a few Honeymoon adventures.

We ended the night with lots of dancing and celebration- oh, and a TON of rain.Wedding Day!Everyone headed home after the party and bright and early the very next morning, we were on a plane to the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We landed and found our bus that took us to the resort we stayed at. Originally, we had wanted to find somewhere other than Mexico to visit because it seemed like everyone always honeymooned to Mexico, but we found a great deal on Bookit.com and couldn’t pass up saving that much money for the trip. So Mexico it was!Ocean CoralWe stayed at the Ocean Coral and Turquesa and it was beautiful. The resort was definitely a highlight for us. We loved that we didn’t have to worry about cooking meals, had the option to hang out at the pool or beach, and could take day-time excursions to wherever we wanted.Beach in MexicoEven though we wanted to see and do as much as possible, we were physically and emotionally drained from the weekend, which meant that we also had to take time to relax. For this reason, we decided to pick two excursions to go on and hang out at the resort for the rest of the time.Ocean Coral

Our first was a boat trip to la Isla de Mujeres (or the Island of Women). On the boat, we got to do some snorkeling and experience the spinnaker, which was definitely one of the more thrilling parts of the trip. Essentially, spinnaker-ing (is that a word?) is like parasailing except that you sit on a rope swing that’s semi-reinforced with a rolled up towel and the only harness is your own arms. Oh yeah, we signed a waiver for this one.0924131159Once on the island, we got to spend some time looking through the shops and exploring the town- we found a stand selling the best tacos we had all trip! Check out those wedding nails… 🙂

TacosAnd then it was back to the boat for the ride home.0924131413

The other excursion we took was a two part trip: the first to see Coba, the Mayan ruins and the second to visit Xel-Ha, an interactive aquarium. The ruins were awesome- we chose Coba because we wanted to be able to climb to the top… and the pictures looked cool on the brochure. Once there, we got to admire the ruins from the ground…0926131033And then started climbing…09261310370926131046

The view from the top was spectacular! Just don’t look down…0926131043a

By the second half of the day, we were pretty tired, but determined to try as much as possible at Xel-Ha. We got to do some ziplining,0926131441a

cliff jumping,0926131506

snorkeling, and trail walking. It was a neat experience, but overall it felt very touristy. We were glad that we did it but felt like once was enough. This also could have something to do with the fact that we were just so exhausted by that point.

In terms of food, we LOVED eating at the different restaurants each night- the French Creperie was definitely our favorite and I think we went back there every night for dessert. My favorite was the strawberries and nutella and Mitch’s was the blueberries and cream. I’m drooling just thinking about it…0922131922 - CopyOther than a few adventures and a lot of relaxing, it was a pretty uneventful week (which was a good thing). We did take a walk into town one day that we were told would take 45 minutes… it took us an hour and a half and I consider us to be fairly fast-paced walkers. On top of that, Mitch ate something funny on our excursion the day before and was sick to his stomach the whole time. Needless to say, we took a taxi back to the resort and took it easy the rest of the day.

0925131416aWe both agreed- the trip was great, but we were definitely ready to come back home. So ready, in fact, that we called an audible and switched our flight to a day earlier. It was just time to go home and start life.Our First HomeSo that’s that. If you’re looking for more Honeymoon photos, you can check out the book we made of our trip here.Thanks for taking a quick trip to Mexico with us, but more importantly, thanks for joining us this week as we relive the fun of September 2013. It means a lot that you would stick around and enjoy memory lane with us… until next year, we’re saying “so long” to Wedding Week!PortraitsHave a great weekend, everyone 🙂


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