It’s a Pumpkin Progression…

In the spirit of Halloween, I figured I’d show you some of the spooky fun that’s happening around our house as of late.No-Carve PumpkinWe’re keeping things pretty low-key this year (as in, we didn’t even carve a pumpkin) and truth be told, it’s kind of nice! HOWEVER, we’re not totally ignoring the season’s festivities and we’ve got some pumpkins that have been through the, er, ringer. You may remember, we got our pumpkins about a month agoHouse 052…but you haven’t seen the likes of them since. Well, have no fear friends! Tons of pumpkin-y updates for you today! This is actually a tale of two pumpkins that have made their way through makeover after makeover. When we bought them, they were speckled green and orange and I thought they were cool and unique so I begged Mitch to let me add them to the cart. See the one, to my left?

House 053So they came home with us and sat on our mantel like that for awhile. And then I got bored and wondered what they would look like spray painted silver. Chic, maybe?Fall 034And that’s how they sat for some time, with a few nick nacks to keep them company on the mantel. And THEN I got bored again and wondered if I could Halloween them up somehow… I didn’t really feel like carving them and was also thinking that if we left them in tact, they could be re-purposed down the road again for more of a Thanksgiving look. So, to add some Halloween fun, all I did was grab a Sharpie and start doodling!Fall 037

First I added a Halloween-ish word. Spooky and Creepy were my words of choice.Fall 036

From there, I literally doodled on the pumpkins. Swirly shapes around the Spookyno-carve pumpkins 009

And a spiderweb around pumpkins 010

Sidenote: Should I be embarrassed that I had to Google what a spiderweb looked like in order to draw it? It’s super easy, if you’re wondering. Start with a dot in the middle, add some straight lines (think rays of sunshine) coming out from it, and connect those lines with little swoops. Truth be told, spiderwebs are REALLY fun to draw and kind of addicting… made me want to “web” anything and everything within reach that I could draw on. #mystrangeaddictionno-carve pumpkins 007

So these pumpkins still live on our mantel and now they’re flanked by a few small white pumpkins and some silver candlesticks to add a bit of Halloween flair. I would say that this project took me 30 minutes MAX once all was said and done. Super easy, super affordable, super quick. How’s that for decorations? Annnnnd I’m hoping to be able to reuse the pumpkins for another look come November (which is like, tomorrow. yikes.). Updates on what that looks like when it happens! 🙂no-carve pumpkins 006Stay tuned for more Halloween fun later this week… a fright fest of a table setting is coming your way!

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