A Halloween Table Setting

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Here’s to a spooky, but fun day of frights to you and yours! I’ll keep this one short and sweet because I know you’ll soon be finishing last minute preparations for your Halloween party, getting together the final details of costumes, and making “WEFORGOTTHECANDY?!” 11th hour grocery store runs. Before the madness begins, let me treat you to some ghoulish table-setting eye candy, courtesy of the Thomas house.Halloween Table

A little bit of creepy crawly, a little bit of “blood” and candlesticks. One thing you should know about this- it’s super easy and you can whip it up using only things you find around the house. Need some last minute decor for that party tonight? This is all you, baby! Let’s break it down:

Halloween Table Setting 001

I started with a plain white table cloth and added my “spiderweb”, which I made using a black garbage bag and these instructions.Halloween Table Setting 002After that, I broke out the white dishware, stuck a woven placemat underneath, and called it a place setting.Halloween Table Setting 028Oh, and for some scare factor, I just crisscrossed the silverware to make an X (something about that seemed scary to me… go with me on this) and topped it with a name tag made with scrapbook paper and a red sharpie.Halloween Table Setting 006

Want to add another easy “squeamish” detail? Serve some sort of red beverage to your guests- could be red wine, punch, whatever! I vant to suuuuck your blooooood. 🙂Halloween Table Setting 008 Next came the centerpiece. All this took was a large gold plate, topped with three silver candle sticks and some basket filler. These also made an appearance in this spooky post about pumpkins.Halloween Table Setting 022To fill out the rest of the table, I added a few small white pumpkins, a silver candle holder, a few votives, a glass science-y looking thing, and a gold bird.Halloween Table Setting 009Light the candles and you’re all set to go!Halloween Table Setting 017Halloween Table Setting 021

Have a happy, happy Halloween!
Halloween Table-Leslie







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