Thomas Home (Video!) Tour: Fall 2014

In the spirit of catching the blog up to the happenings of the house (as per our discussion here), welcome to your FIRST EVER exclusive full tour of our home… In a VIDEO! house 074You’ve already seen most of these rooms, but sometimes it can be difficult to picture the layout of a house just by photos. So, welcome to our home… video style! Ok, lights, camera, action:

A few things about the movie:

  1. It took me four or five takes to get my act together and stop bursting out laughing in the middle of everything.
  2. But this was not all my fault because what you don’t see is Mitch sitting on the steps making weird faces the whole time (he got out of the way in time for the upstairs part).
  3. Feel free to interpret all of those “and behind this door is just a boring closet/laundry room that no one wants to see” statements as: All of the junk that was on the floors of the other rooms are behind those doors, so we’ll just keep them closed for now…

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how the rooms in our house relate to one another and how everything is laid out. Don’t worry- sometimes even we get lost. 🙂

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!


Yes, We Own a Bed

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is how far behind this blog is in comparison with what has happened in our house. It’s not a bad thing- just funny. For example, one would look at the blog and assume we have no furniture in our Master Bedroom, save for one charming window nook. So, I will continue the quest to bring this blog up to speed so that we can show a more “real time” account of what’s goin’ on around here. In the spirit of updating, let me just put the rumors to rest- we do, in fact, have furniture in our bedroom. Let’s take a quick tour around the room. Here it is the day we bought the house:


Charming, eh? Green walls and pink carpets all day, baby!

MasterAnd then we painted and added new carpet:new 015And last week, you saw what we have under the window:house pics 079

Here’s another angle of that corner of the room, to give you some idea of how everything is laid out:house pics 089So how about the rest of the room? Well, we were given a bureau set- a large one, a small one, and a mirror… all in an elegant black color. Below is the large one, just imagine half of it and that’s about the size of the small.

house pics 090In addition to those two, we found a third wooden dresser from a thrift store. The jury is still out for what will happen to that piece- definitely some sort of paint job or face lift is in the cards for that guy. We’ll have to see how the room continues to take shape before any major decisions are made.

habitat 029

In terms of who gets what, we split the large dresser and each have one of the small ones as bedside tables. Which only begs the question… do we actually have a bed? Yep. Here it is:
house pics 069This is all I’m going to leave you with in terms of the bed because that baby deserves (and will someday have) an entire post all to itself. The reason? We teamed up with my dad to make it. Yeah, you read that right. We might be crazy, but we followed through with our harebrained scheme to make that bed from scratch and are so happy we did because we ended up with a piece that is custom made for exactly what we pics 075A place to sleep, but more importantly, STORAGE. house pics 070That’s all I’ll say on that because, like I said, there’s a whole post coming your way on it- complete with the blueprints in case you want to make your own someday. You just never know when you might get the urge to build a bed. Don’t worry- we got your pics 093

So ANYWAY, that’s the quick synopsis on the bedroom basics. Stay tuned for details. Actually, there are a TON of details coming your way tomorrow because we’re unveiling our (first ever!) Home VIDEO Tour!!! Excited? Us too. See you tomorrow!





A Cozy Window Nook

Happy Wednesday!!! Let’s get right into things today… here’s what the master bedroom used to look like:

Master And then we did a carpet removal and paint job, which brings us to the last time you saw it:new 015

One of the funny things about this blog is that a lot of the work that has been done on the house (ex. the painting and basic furnishing of each room) has actually been finished since shortly after we bought the house (almost a year and a half ago!). Since the blog began long after we bought the house, there are still many projects and spaces that I’m working to post that have actually been completed for some time now. This little corner of the master bedroom is one of house 032We live in a town home that happens to hold a middle position in the line of houses, which means that the only windows we have in our home are on the front and back sides of the house. This brings our total window count up to… four (plus a front door and sliding glass back door). So as you can imagine, windows are a commodity around here. The window in our master bedroom is especially fun because it’s the only one in the house with a deep ledge… or nook, as we call it. For this reason, we decided to amp it up with a sitting area, some storage, and capitalize on the space to display pics 079Overall, this little corner of the house has turned into quite a light and airy “mini-sanctuary”, if you will (and I will). We used a seating/storage combo that I had snatched up at a giant yard sale years ago (Ocean Grovers- it was the Bazaar). This piece made its debut in this post, but we’ve cleaned it up since then and painted it bright white.

house pics 083It could use some buffing to get a few scuff marks out, but we’ve been really happy with it so far. It’s a nice place sit for tying shoes, getting ready, etc. Or if we’re being real here, it’s a super convenient ledge for housing piles of clothes and other paraphernalia. Inside, we keep most of our decor items- pots, jars, figurines, vases, etc. house pics 080On the window sill, we just have a few candles, some coasters, a silver dish, a photo from our wedding, and our coin jar… little bit of decoration, little bit of function.

house pics 081And to frame the whole thing, I bought white curtains from BBB and hung them from an oil rubbed bronze curtain rod. We love that they’re white, but interesting- thanks to the white stitching floral pics 085The flowers compliment these lamps that are on either side of our bed. Sure, we should probably raise the curtain so it hangs high and wide like we did in the family room, but that project just has not made it to the top of the priority list yet. Maybe some day… for now, we’re pretty happy with the nook as pics 079Man, this makes me want to get the rest of the room’s progress up to speed on this blog- we’ll keep plugging away at it. Furniture and decor (and a tutorial on how we made the bed… literally) to come!

Have a fun day!