Our Home

house 074

Come Over to My House!

… my mom read this book to us growing up and well, it stuck. I loved it because no matter the shape, size, style, decor, or location of the house, anyone and everyone was welcome.  Sooooo… come over to my house!


If you have some time to kill, feel free to take a quick tour of our home. Got a minute? C’mon, I’ll show you around! Lucky for you, you’ll even get to see some beforeafter, and “in progress” shots… let’s get to it!

The picture above is our home, looking from the parking lot at the front door. If you turn to the left and look down the sidewalk, this is what you’ll see:

Looking down the sidewalk

And if you turn around to look back at the parking lot (the house is behind you)…

Parking Lot (house is behind camera)

Alright- inside we go!


When you come in the front door, you’ll be greeted by our mini foyer and the staircase leading to the second story. Here’s the before:


We have some plans to spruce the foyer and staircase up a bit, so stay tuned for some after shots.


Here’s a quick glimpse at that foyer (to the right) and you can even see the door to the downstairs bathroom (on the left).

berwick 076Here we are, with a before shot of the family room. Through the hallway is the hall closet (door on the right) and the kitchen.

berwick 075

After paint, furniture, and small changes here and there, our room looks like this today:

Looking back toward the Family Room from the Kitchen before

berwick 072And after:

Mirror Move 033
The Family Room is one of our spaces that is definitely still “in progress” and will continue to evolve as the warm weather allows us to get outside to get some things finished for it. Check out the process that we’ve gone through so far here, herehere, and here.


Through the hallway, on your left, you’ll find the hall closet. Feel free to hang up your coat and stay awhile! Here’s a before photo:

Hall Closet

The afters (yes, we actually have afters of this “room”!) will be coming shortly.


On the other side of the hallway (to your right), is our Downstairs 1/2 bath. Check out these befores:

Downstairs Bath

Downstairs Bath

And since it’s been de-wallpapered and painted, it’s looking more like this after:valentine's day 150KITCHEN

Welcome to the cheeriest room of our house (after we painted it yellow and added some homey touches, that is). Here are a few befores:berwick 058

KitchenThe dining area of the kitchen before its transformation:

house 032

Looking back toward the Family Room from the Kitchen:

Kitchen looking into Family Room

…And, of course, a few afters:gallery

gallery wall 070 last 001


Second floor time. Here is our Master Bedroom before we transformed it into our calming oasis.

Master Master

Master closet

The afters are on their way, but for now, here is an in progress shot (note: it was time to say “goodbye” to the pink carpets and green walls):new 015


This is our “go crazy with bold ideas that we can’t try anywhere else” room. Here is a before shot of the Spare Bedroom before we got our hands on it.


Today, this room sports some funky new colors and serves as our own personal “Room of Requirement”. You can check out part of the process to transform one room into three (library/office/guest bedroom) here and here. For now, here are some afters:
house pics 042house pics 054watermark bed


Need a bathroom break? Here’s a shot or two of the room before changing things around:

Upstairs Bath

berwick 084

And so far, it’s looking more like these afters:Mint Bathroom 12Mint Bathroom 10

To see some of the “in progress” action, click here. Want some more specifics on those minty details? Check out the post here.


A hidden gem, found in the Spare Bedroom, excuse me, “Room of Requirement”. Just like the hall closet, this little space got a makeover of its own! Here is what it looked like before:house 024berwick 087

Afters are on the way!


And last, but definitely not least, welcome to the great outdoors (and actually a major selling point for us!). We have our own patio that opens up to the neighborhood common space. We feel very blessed to be off to the side and hidden behind a large tree, which makes it pretty difficult to see into our space. Also, there’s a creek, which makes us giddy for warm weather months! Here are a few before shots (hey, dad!):


Patio looking into backyard/ common spaceAnd after a summer of working on this space, here’s the after:

Outdoor Pillows 010Oh, and beyond our little plot lies the common space, complete with a field to run around in and a stream to play in…

Common Space

And there you have it, our humble home! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 If you’re curious to see the progress as it happens or just want to pop in every once in a while, we’d love to have you join us for the journey. It’s not always a smooth ride (we have clogged drains and spilled milk on the carpet just like anyone else!), but we’re always careful to enjoy the adventure. Oh, the Fun of it!

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