Take a Tour of the “Before”…

house 030

We bought our (very first!) house on June 12, 2013 and compared to the looooong house hunting and settlement process, our remodeling/changes/decorating happened right away. However, in order to get an “after”, there has to be a “before”, right? You’re about to embark on the adventure with us, so find a comfy seat and settle in…

Let’s roll:

Family Room

house 028berwick 072berwick 077

Downstairs Hall (Looking into kitchen. Hall closet on the left, 1/2 bath on the right):

berwick 055

Downstairs Bath:

berwick 070 berwick 069

Hall Closet:

berwick 071


berwick 058

house 032

Master Bedroom (yes, those are green walls and a pink carpet):

            berwick 081house 013 berwick 080

2nd Bedroom: 

house 022

house 024berwick 087

Upstairs Bath:

berwick 082 berwick 084

Patio/ Backyard:

berwick 063

berwick 068

To see all of the “Before Photos”, visit our Full Gallery!

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