Thrill of the Week: Watered Down

Oh, and this is Happy Belated Earth Day (Part 2)!

For this week’s thrill, and in honor of the earth and the last of the April showers, let me introduce you to one of our latest finds in the Target Dollar section…watering can

How cute! And actually, quite functional (we’ve already used it to water some of our indoor plants). You can grab one for yourself at Target for a measly three buckaroos for instant spring decor! Just pop in a plant, and you’re ready to go…watering canwatering canI’ve been enjoying switching in different plants and flowers throughout the month and just letting it do its thing on the kitchen table. For a brief time, I considered spray painting it white or silver, but for now, we’re enjoying its lime green punch. It fits in great with our kitchen decorations and gives us a kick in the pants to keep the table nice and neat and resist the urge to let it become a “catch all” for things throughout the week.

watering canwatering canHankering for a close up of that table setting? Let’s just say all of those colors together make my heart race…

watering canwatering canAnd of course, we’re loving that it ties in nicely with our newly “teal-ed out” chandelier

watering can

I’ll pay $3 for a unique, charming, and easy piece of decor any day! Anyone else decorating with watering cans these days? Send some pictures our way! ( We’ve recently been enjoying some neat reader-submitted projects and even a curtain job inspired by our very own family room curtains! (You can see our curtain story unfold here and continue here.) We can’t wait to share those reader goods with you soon!

So, for one last time, Happy Belated Earth Day, everyone!